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An Imperial Restaurant.. A Royal experience.

An ultra-chic oasis that emanates kingly taste in all its pleasures, ‘Khaas Bagh’ is a connoisseur’s paradise in every sense of the word. This little gem is a joint creation of Rani Uttara Singh Rathore & her husband, Maharaj Suryaveer Singh Rathore, an avid collector, renowned hotelier & thoroughbred from the ‘House of Jodhpur’. The duo endeavoured to create an exclusive niche where fine-dining & ‘a la mode’ hospitality merged with vintage class & imperial flamboyance- the best of both worlds as it were. They envisioned a place that didn’t rely solely on its cultural heritage but also in the physicality of their personally handpicked possessions that allow you a first-hand feel of a regal lifestyle.

They achieved all that & more. Now, resurrected to its original glory, ‘Khaas Bagh’, this literally translated means ‘exceptional garden’, stands true to its name. Built in the early 1900’s in an Indo-Islamic-Colonial architectural style, the stunning main building is complemented by a stable-full of classic motorcars, boutiques, restaurants and a well stocked bar.

Be it for lunch, dinner or even a ‘sundowner’, do drop by & indulge in an unforgettable experience of royal grandeur that celebrates the finer things in life, because here, ‘the piece de resistance’ is the experience itself!!

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