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The Vintage Room

Dhuaan chaach

Smoked buttermilk

Shahi Shikanji

Indian lemonade

Kanwarji ki Kaanji

Fermented carrot and beetroot drink

Masala chai tea latte


Turmeric latte

Good old haldi ka doodh

Food Menu

Timings ~ 12 pm to 3 pm & 7 pm to 11 pm

• Indicates non-vegetarian dishes       * Jewel of the Garage

Soups DeSoto

Classic Crimson Shorba

Tamatar aur Dhaniya

Magnificent Murgh Makkai Shorba

Health in a cup, robust and tasty

• Travancore’s Pepper Chicken Rasam

Authentic Keralite tamarind, pepper and chicken broth

Ravishing Reo Rasam

Zucchini, celery, potato, kaffir lime in a spiced tamarind broth

* • Buick’s Quick Mutton Soup

Gosht Zafrani Yakhni Shorba with saffron oil drizzle


Khaas Bagh’s 1928 Buick McLaughlin restoration was so challenging, it was referred to as a resurrection!

De Soto is an automobile marque designed by Chrysler from 1929 to 1961. It was one of the first brands to introduce powered “pop-up headlights” in 1942!
De Soto’s Tagline ~The ride is a revelation!

Packard's Clipper Salads

Coupé Salad

Candied walnut and pear salad

Coupé ~A closed car with two doors for two or three people.

Garden of Eden

Healthy Green Salad

• Green ‘n Grilled Chicken

With cucumbers and roasted shallots dressing

Mysore Daimler

Kerala special curry leaves, chickpeas and coconut salad

* Turbo Charged Cous Cous Salad with Tulsi Vinaigrette

Loaded with feta, parsley, peas and toasted almonds

Patthar Paneer or
• Chicken Caesar Salad

With achari masala

The Clipper marque was a automobile series designed by a famous designer called Darrin with top notch engineering.

Plated Vintage

Our pre plated mains

Wheels of Paneer Makhani

Served with Khameeri roti

* Willy’s Bawan Bajre Ki Khichdi

with dahi waale aloo, mirchi ka theecha, dhuaandar papad


The Willy’s CJ 2A was popularly known as the BAWAN (Hindi for 52) in India for it’s model year

Ambassador’s Soya Stuffed Jalapeno Biryani

Served with salan and cisps

• Imperial Kacche Gosht ki Biryani

Served with salan

• Faridkot Meat Curry

Meat served with pulao/tandoori roti and lachha onions

• Amritsari Machhi Curry

Spicy fish curry served with coriander rice/ajwain ki parothi, hari chutney and anaar mint raita

• Malabari Marvel
Sole fish in spicy gravy with chillies & fresh coconut, served with steamed Basmati Rice/Malabari paratha

• Manglorean Chicken Roast with Curry Leaves
Wok tossed chicken topped with fried egg and served with Malabar paratha and raita

* • Plymouth Pulled Butter Chicken
Served with herbed rice/ butter naan and salad


Plymouth was popularly known as the American common man’s car

Recipes of The Raj


Darbari Laal Paneer Bhurji

Crumbled cottage cheese simmered in spicy tomato gravy

Angrezon ki Subz Handi

English vegetable cooked desi style

Benarasi Kalonji waale Baigan

Pickled eggplants from the ghaats of the Ganga

Rang Birange bharwan Simla Mirch

Stuffed peppers with sweet & spicy filling


The Governor’s Gobi

Cauliflower tossed with pomegranate seeds


* Bhavnagari Mirch Matar

Peas tossed with our special Rajasthani green chilies

Kashi ke Dum Aloo

Sleek Paneer Lababdar

Cottage cheese chunks in milly spiced tomato gravy

Bhatinda de Saag Paneer

Cottage cheese in creamy spinach

Khumb Hara Pyaaz

Button mushrooms and spring onions in a mildly spiced gravy


Baigan Aloo Mirch ka Salan

Potatoes, eggplants and chili in Hyderabadi sweet and sour peanut sauce


Bhindi Kali Mirch with Baby Onions
Okra tossed with baby onions


Ghar waale Zeera Aloo

As simple as the name, cumin and potatoes with coriander

• Non Vegetarian

Patiala Butter Chicken

Needs no explanation

Princely Mustard Chicken

Chicken tossed in kasundi infused malai gravy

Chicken Khurchan

Wok tossed pepper and chicken julienne

Shahi Chicken

Creamy chicken curry form Iran

* Awadhi Nalli Nihari

A lip smacking meat stew from Lucknow

Pinstripe Prawn Pepper Curry

Star anise flavored fried fresh Prawn pepper curry

Shikaari Gosht Aloo

Potato meat curry

Koli’s Mutton Sukka

Dry Mutton with chillies, whole spices and coconut

Rolls Royce Rogan Josh

Punjabi favourite mutton in whole spices

Dahi Waali Machhi Curry

Fish cooked in spiced yogurt gravy

Fisherman’s Catch

Traditional Goan fish curry cooked in coconut cream and chilies

Zamindari Maachh Kalia

Fish cooked in mustard oil, yogurt and poppy seeds. A Bengali Favourite

The Rolls Royce brand had a tagline which established it’s position in the luxury segment ~ The Best car in the World

Rajasthani Specials

Ghewar chaat

A local delicacy

Jaipuri aloo aur akka pyaaz ri sabzi

Potatoes and onions tossed together in our spice mix

* Jodhpuri Kabuli

Delicately spiced rice cooked with vegetables, chickpea dumplings and yogurt topped with barrishta onions

Gatte ri Sabzi

Chickpeas dumplings in spicy gravy

Rabodi aur haro pyaaz

Traditional Rajasthani prepartion with sun dried jowar papad, curd and spices

Marwar ri Kair Sangari

Local sun dried beans cooked in a spicy masala

• Rajmahal ro Laal Maas
Fiery meat cooked with whole red chilies

Spare Parts

Tadak bhadak waali Tadka dal

Yellow dal with heeng zeere ka tadka

Palak ki Dal

Yellow moong dal cooked with spinach and tempered with spices

Khaas Dal Makhani

Needs no explanation

Plain Naan


Butter/Garlic Naan


* Khameeri Roti


Lachha parantha - methi/pudina


Chili cheese and olive parantha


Masala Papad

Brougham Biryani

Brougham ~ the classic term used for long cars

Soya Stuffed Jalapeno Biryani

Spicy soya mince stuffed in achari mirchi cooked with basmati rice

• Lucknawi Murg Biryani

Saffron infused basmati rice, cooked with chicken

* • Quile wali Kacche Gosht ki Biryani
Meat cooked with basmati & special spices


All our biryanis served with a small bowl of salan

Fluid Drive

Dhuaan chaach

Smoked buttermilk

Shahi Shikanji

Indian lemonade

Kanwarji ki Kaanji

Fermented carrot and beetroot drink

Masala chai tea latte


Turmeric latte

Good old haldi ka doodh

Rajwadi Raitas

Boondi/Mixed/Burani/ Palak/Anaar and Mint


Methi tamatar/Peas and vegetable/ zeera

Steamed rice

Namak mirch ka tikariya

Namak ajwain ki paronthi

Malabari paratha

Amritsari Kulcha

Bajre ka Sogra Papad

Tail Lights

Hot Rodder

Kali mirch ka malpua with orange chashni

Chikki & Gajjak Ice crunch

Nuts and jaggery bar ice cream

Chai Pe Charcha

Masala Chai Kulfi Popsicles

Caramalised apple rabri

Chopped rabri khurchan

The Seventh Day

Khaas Bagh Special Sundae

Carrot Top Carriage

Gajar halwa crumble with crème fraicher

* Brooke Swan’s Bailey’s Ice cream


The 1910 Brooke Swan was a unique motorcar custom built for a wealthy Calcutta resident. It had a swan’s head in front with glowing eyes and neckband, and hissing steam emitting from it’s nostrils!

Chevrolet’s Charcoal Grills

Timings ~ 12 pm to 3 pm & 7 pm to 11 pm


All Weather Phaldari Kebab

An assortment of fruits marinated in spiced yogurt

All weather ~ A term used in the twenties and rarely in the thirties for a convertible with windows

Topolino’s Khubani Paneer Tikka

Cottage cheese in an apricot marination

Topolino ~ a line of cars produced by Ford. It translates literally as “little mouse, but is also the Italian name for Mickey Mouse!


Klaxon Kebab

Pan grilled cottage cheese sandwich tikka

Burdwan Paneer Tikka

Tempered with panch phoran spice mix

* The Lasalle Adventure

Pickled cottage cheese tikka with onions and pepper spiked with red chili

The Cadillac LaSalle, model 328 , is a sportier version of the regular Cadillac

Ford Phaeton’s Pumpkin & Pepper Tikka
In zeera, imli and zatar spices

Phaeton ~ A four door open touring car It’s name was derived from the Greek “Phaethon”, who drove the chariot of his sun-god father, Helios.

Hara Pyaaz & Corn Seekh Kebab
With minced vegetables and spring onions

Convertible Broccoli & Cauliflower
Garlic yogurt marinade with sesame and amaranth seeds, jalapeño verde & toasted nuts

Bhatti ka Khumb

Mushrooms marinated in cheese and malai

Fleetmaster’s Tandoori Platter

An overload of veg tandoori appetizers put together with our special chutneys and dips

The Chevrolet Fleet master was one of the First cars to be mass produced and marketed all over the world from 1946 to 1948

Non Vegetarian

Gila Ke Seekh

Minced meat seekh kebabs

Dodge’s Drumsticks

Cream infused drumsticks

Mechanic’s Gol Mirch Chicken Tikka

In pepper and yogurt marinade

Viceroy’s Tandoori Chooza

Classical tandoori spring chicken

Jim’s Chicken Tikka

In a bourbon and barbeque sauce

* GPW Jeep Jaituni Murg Kebab

Chicken with an olive marinade

The GPW Jeep was a military grade utility vehicle first designed during World war II.

Murgh Shahtoush Kebab

Chicken in a cream cheese marinade with a hint of saffron

Aristocratic Aam Papad Chicken Tikka

Mango and chili flakes infused murg tikka


Bhuna Ande

Spiced and skewered whole eggs

Lahsuni Tobasco Jhinga Nasha

Vodka and garlic infused grilled prawns

Marque Machhi Tikka

Fish tikka sprinkled with onion seeds and fennel

Marque ~ a redefined term of French origin, used to describe a brand or line of automobiles designed and produced by a company for a period of time.


Calcutta Port Kasundi Machhi

Mustard basted fish tikka

Amritsari Silver Pomfret

Whole spiced grilled fish

Stately Sikandari Raan

Whole leg of baby lamb infused with mint and rum, slow cooked in the tandoor

Maharaj ki Pasand Mutton Burra Kebab
On the bone mutton, in star anise and nutmeg flavoured marinade


Shikaar Kothi Tandoori Platter

An assortment of non vegetarian tandoori snacks with our chutneys and dips

Menu is subject to change without prior notice

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