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A Gem in Jodhpur’s crown

Inspired by the Imperial legacy of a bygone era, Khaas Bagh is Jodhpur’s tribute to the swashbuckling lifestyle of Princely India. An exclusive niche of Royal luxury, Khaas Bagh is a ‘hallmarked’ boutique hotel that epitomizes Victorian grandeur. The restaurants, bar & suites on offer are complemented by handpicked memorabilia of the “Raj Period” that include a fleet of dazzling Vintage Cars.

Rolls Royce Khaas Bagh
Food Khaas Bagh


High Spirits at

The Phantom Bar

40 pax


“Open-to-Sky” Al Fresco Courtyard

200 pax

Dining-room ‘a la mode’ 1940’s

58 pax


6 luxuriously furnished suites styled in Victorian decor

Stable-Full of

“Vintage Horsepower”

Fascinating Fleet of Royal Vintage Cars

As you enter, an array of vintage cars viz Rolls Royce, Plymouth, Ford and Chevrolet and many more in alluring colours, robust builds and intriguing details are displayed in full splendour. 

Khaas Bagh marvels our guests with a Vintage Car tour of this impressive Haveli where you can experience the scenic wonders, seated and feasting in the Vintage Car.

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